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Kenneth C. Cancellara, Q.C., is a legal counsel with Ricketts, Harris LLP in Toronto, Ontario. He holds an LLM from York University and a JD from the University of Toronto Law School. He was born in Acerenza, Italy, and currently lives in Toronto with his wife, Anita.

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finding marco“Finding Marco” was selected by Conversations Magazine as one of their “Top 100 Books of 2010”

Since 2008 Conversations’ “Top 100 Books” has been recognized for being the largest list each year that fairly gathers the best titles released by traditional publishing houses, small presses and even self-published authors worldwide of all genres and gives them the due they deserve. Cyrus Webb, the founder of the Conversations brand, has been an avid reader all of his life and has worked hard to make sure that there is something on the list for everyone.

This year there were so many great books that Webb had a chance to enjoy that he decided to add two new features in 2010: a Children’s/Young Adult category and a Honorable Mention category for both fiction and non-fiction. Webb also has included the publishing houses for each title to make is easier for you to identify.

It did not take long for me to be captured and almost feel like a witness to your impending struggle to find a balance between your still fervent and ambitious forces for material/corporate success and the altruistic morals your grandfather introduced to you during your adolescence.

As I read on I become more and more curious to find out if and how these two competing forces will be able to co-habit within your inner self. After reading Finding Marco I can understand why you felt the urge ( need?) to write its sequel. In it you manage to engage the reader, to take him to
a higher intellectual level by allowing him to become a very close witness to your internal struggle..

This is by far the best book I have had the pleasure to read in a very long time. Your description of the colline of the Amalfi coast, the narrow and ancient streets of Acerenza are such that the reader feels as if he is in the back seat of your Fiat 500 with you driving and your Marina in the passenger seat.
Ralph Ciccio

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